The position is responsible for assisting in overall planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the establishment of operations of the Society’s and activities as well Youth Development programs so as to generate the various activities of the Society in achieving the objectives of the Society.


  1. To assist in analyze, interpret and procure data pertaining to Planning Development and Manpower ( Youth, Voluntary Aid Detachment, Volunteers ) and various basic service activities of States and National level.

  2. To assist and advice volunteers in proper maintaining of rosters and duties (plan of action / activities) such as sports and other related activities.
  3. Administer, oversee and supervise all Organizational and States Development activities including Youth and Volunteers needs.

  4. To assist and responsible for youth, volunteers visit to National Headquarters including briefing and preparing program. Country/selection of volunteer and preparing program. Country/selection of volunteer for Exchange Program.

  5. To assist in monitoring for membership and the maintenance of a Register of members at National Headquarters.

  6. Ensure the continued success of all O/D programs by maintaining close rapport with related ministries, stakeholder and states.

  7. To assist on competition such First Aid, Footdrill and Quiz on Education of RC/RC and IHL among VADs/Volunteers and Youth within States.

  8. Planning with States for suitable programs for Youth, Volunteers, VADs visiting Country/Selection of members for exchange programs.

  9. To liaise and coordinate Regional Youth Network.

  10. Monitor and update statistics on membership and insurance of the Society.

  11. Initiate, plan and co-ordinate the training OD personnel at all levels.

  12. Initiate the preparation of projects proposal and working program for Organizational and States Development.

  13. To assist by ensuring appropriate managements reports are prepared and disseminated accurately and on time.

  14. To assist the development and implementation of proper communication procedures to the Society’s officials, personnel and members are kept informed of relevant policies decisions at all times.

  15. To assist in the development of States in all aspects of Red Crescent work.

  16. To assist in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of States Development Plan and Special Projects.

  17. To assist the States in organizing the basic services of MRCS as an integral part of MRCS development plans.

  18. Initiate, plan and implement the RMS ( Resource Management System) and related activities.

  19. To assist in compiling annual report, secretariat proper on volunteers and youth activities of States and National Headquarters.

  20. Be present after office hours as and when required or in the event of emergencies without  additional remuneration.

  21. Carry out any other duties assigned from time to time.